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Continuous Moves (Part 2)

Last week, I discussed continuous moves in networks where they could be planned with a high degree of certainty. But there is another form of continuous moves — a more ad hoc, opportunistic type of move — that can be very difficult to operationalize. There are several reasons for this. First, when a carrier commits to a lane rate, the rate is based on the carrier balancing its network. A shipper is often getting an […]

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Do 3PLs Need to Change What They Sell and Who They Sell To?

A couple of weeks ago, SAP held one of its periodic executive advisory councils for customers in the logistics industries. The dinner and hallway conversations focused a lot on economy, and how it is changing the buying patterns of shippers. Everyone agreed that in these economic times upper management is getting more involved in expenditures and scrutinizing every dollar spent. Point departments, like operations and warehousing, usually have to follow more strident purchasing guidelines. One can argue that […]

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