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Guest Commentary: Is Community Cloud the Future of Logistics?

Are you saturated by all the cloud hype? Recently, a leading analyst firm published a report on cloud computing that listed 24 variations. It’s tough to name a vendor that does not claim to have a cloud offering. With all of the confusion, it’s hard to identify what part of cloud technology will really benefit logistics and other sophisticated ecosystems. I believe that community cloud has the potential to transform not only company performance, but […]

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Guest Commentary: Social Media in Transportation (My Holiday Wish)

There has been a lot of press lately about the use of social media tools in the logistics business. It seems many people are wondering how to leverage the power of social networking to help manage transportation. It’s a worthwhile question. After all, while Facebook and other social networking sites have had a tremendous impact connecting people, they were not developed to help shippers connect with trucking companies. Their purpose is much more personal. For […]

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