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The Logistics Economy: An Update

There have been recent signs of macroeconomic weakness. Let’s take this opportunity to review some of the data and dig a little deeper into the area relevant to the logistics sector. Are the concerns simply related to US-China trade, or are there signs that that trade difficulties are impacting other areas of the economy that in turn impact the broader logistics sector?

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Macroeconomics and Business Forecasting: A Conversation with Barry Keating

Professor Barry Keating of Notre Dame, coauthor of the leading college textbook on business forecasting (which actually has more buyers from businesses than from college students), was gracious enough to talk to me recently.  The topic was using macroeconomic data to adjust forecasts down for coming recessions, or up when economies begin to grow again. One of the points he made is that companies and forecasters in particular need to pay attention to the Index […]

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