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Transportation 101: Understanding How to Manage Your Freight Spend

When it comes to managing your freight spend, there are a few options to consider. The three traditional methods are the use of a transportation management system (TMS), transportation execution system (TES), and managed transportation services (MTS). Ultimately it comes down to whether shippers want to manage their freight spend in-house or outsource it. We have created a handy Supply Chain 101 cheat sheet, but this article will go into a little more depth. The […]

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3PLs Engage in Too Much White Labeling

When a shipper decides they need to significantly lower their freight spend while maintaining or improving on time deliveries, there are two main paths forward. They can implement a transportation management system (TMS).  Or the shipper outsource transportation planning and execution to a 3PL; This is a managed transportation services (MTS) engagement. A 3PL white label strategy involves buying software solutions – like TMS – from leading providers, but then giving this solution their own branded name, leaving […]

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ROI is Driving TMS Growth

ARC Advisory Group conducts an annual analysis of the global transportation management systems (TMS) market. The research process includes the analysis of large amounts of information and interviews with executives from numerous TMS software companies. The process concludes with the publication of ARC’s TMS Global Market Research Study, which analyzes the market shares across numerous categories of the leading TMS suppliers. Aside from the market share analysis, the study looks at the trends that are […]

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