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Guest Commentary: Lifestyle Trends Driving Supply Chain Innovation

In the supply chain software industry, uncertainty is certain and anticipating what’s next is what makes our days interesting. The innovations we develop must meet constantly shifting market demands and customer priorities, and it’s important to not only understand that the changes are happening, but also the drivers behind those changes. Here are a few of the macro-level lifestyle trends we are seeing influence supply chain management and software solutions. The consumerization of IT: Thanks […]

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Amazon and the e-Fulfillment Journey

According to Fortune magazine, Amazon (the largest online retailer) is now the 100th largest company in America. The company was founded in 1994 with the intention of leveraging the Internet to create a new sales and fulfillment model. Amazon has gone from zero revenues to over $24 billion in little more than 15 years. I remember writing about e-fulfillment in the 90s. Much of what I and others wrote about back then has come to […]

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