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What’s Happening to Global Trade?

What is happening to global trade? You may ask, “What do you mean?” Well, I think a quote from a World Trade Organization (WTO) September press release describes the situation the best: “If current projections are realised, 2015 will mark the fourth consecutive year in which annual trade growth has fallen below 3 per cent and the fourth year where trade has grown at roughly the same rate as world GDP, rather than twice as […]

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IoT Visibility Comes to Ocean Shipping

A rich stream of data has long been available to improve ocean visibility. AIS is an automatic tracking system used on ships. But CargoSmart is doing something new – they are using this near real time data to improve vessel scheduling and shipment tracking.

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Providers of Ocean Shipping Solutions

Since I am in the process of updating our Transportation Management Systems (TMS) Worldwide Market Outlook study, I was recently briefed by INTTRA and CargoSmart, two providers of ocean tendering and execution solutions. INTTRA is a privately-held company headquartered in New Jersey with more than 270 professionals located in eleven countries. The company offers the largest multi-carrier e-commerce platform for the ocean shipping industry. In terms of the TMS study, INNTRA is a provider of […]

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