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Vested Outsourcing: The ‘Mind Shift’ is Finally Happening

Back in April 2009, I took a 2.5-day course on Vested Outsourcing (called “Performance-Based Outsourcing” at the time) at the University of Tennessee. Halfway through the course, I shared some of my key takeaways, including this one: Implementing Vested Outsourcing “the right way” takes a lot of work and discipline, and it requires 3PLs [third party logistics providers] and customers to make a clean break from the way they’ve always done things. It’s a mind […]

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Winner of Nobel Prize in Economics On Outsourcing and Supply Chain

Oliver Williamson, a Professor Emeritus at the University of California Berkley and co-recipient of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Economics, published a paper in April 2008 titled “Outsourcing: Transaction Cost Management and Supply Chain Management” in the Journal of Supply Chain Management. Williamson’s area of expertise is transaction cost economics. The paper is far more focused on theory than practice, and is not an easy read by any means. However, there are a few nuggets of […]

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