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Guest Commentary: Parcel Shipping Outlook for 2014

As we enter the busy peak season for shipping, it’s amazing to think of the changes and trends that started taking hold in 2013. The buzzword of the year was “omni-channel fulfillment, as retailers attempt to create a superior customer shopping experience across multiple channels, including online, mobile devices, brick-and-mortar, direct mail, and catalog. Retailers are responding to customer demands for better experience, better access, and better choice. Enabling new fulfillment strategies – such as […]

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Guest Commentary: Not So Fast: How Technology is Slowing Express Delivery

Over the last few years, FedEx and UPS have seen significant shifts in how domestic and international customers are shipping. The shift from express to ground products is growing at an unprecedented rate – impacting carrier financials and even their own networks. As recently as last month, UPS posted a four percent drop in revenue with CEO Scott Davis calling the financials “disappointing.” He, like FedEx’s Fred Smith, acknowledges the shift to slower – and […]

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Guest Commentary: Logistics Management Challenges for SMBs

With Memorial Day only a few weeks away, and summer fast approaching, many companies will begin finalizing plans for enhancements or changes to their supply chain to better prepare for the holiday season. The current supply chain challenges aren’t limited to large enterprise organizations – small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are also feeling the pressure to ensure they can manage inventory and ship product in a way that meets customer expectations and satisfaction, while keeping […]

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