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Matching Demand Forecast Periods to Production Lead Times

It is common to speak of a “one number” demand forecast. And a “one number” forecast works fine if your demand forecast and your manufacturing planning are based on the same time period. For example, if you do a monthly forecast and the plant uses it to plan production for the entire month, then there is no inconsistency. But a lot can happen in a month. I was briefed a while back by Nitin Goyal, […]

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Goya Foods Transforms Its Supply Chain to Enhance Profitable Growth and Service

The title of this posting comes from a speech Peter Unanue, Executive Vice President at Goya Foods, gave at the JDA Software user conference last month. Goya Foods is the largest family-owned Hispanic food company, and the number one Latin brand, in the US. The company’s Americas supply chain contains six factories and fourteen distribution centers (DCs). Goya has about 350 vendors and it carries 1,600 authentic Latin products, including beans, rice, regional specialty foods, […]

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