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SingPost – A Smart Transformation to E-Commerce Logistics Solutions

Two decades ago, I didn’t know postal operators in foreign countries unless I had a pen pal in the region. The role and range of services offered by postal companies have changed considerably since the advent of e-mail, the internet, and most importantly, the exponential growth of e-commerce. Singapore Post (SingPost) is one such domestic provider that has been in the press for its increasing presence in today’s digital economy. In 2014, Chinese e-commerce giant […]

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What’s Hot in Logistics in Southeast Asia?

ARC recently hired Bob Gill, who lives in Singapore, as our General Manager for Southeast Asia.  Bob is a former editor of Logistics Insight Asia.  For today’s column, I thought I’d tap some of that experience by interviewing Bob. Steve:  Bob what is hot in logistics in Southeast Asia? Bob:  Well, one thing I’ve been paying attention to is Postal Logistics.  If you’re anything like me, then one of the first things you’re likely to […]

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