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On the War for Supply Chain Talent (A Lesson from the Red Sox)

The Red Sox are in the World Series. This was almost unimaginable a year ago, when the team shipped $250 million worth of talent to the Dodgers and finished the season in last place with 93 losses, the most for the team in 40 years. The Red Sox are in the World Series –- that was supposed to happen in 2011, when the team loaded up on high-priced talent like Adrian Gonzalez (not me, the […]

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Dump the Performance Review: A Better Way to Evaluate Supply Chain Talent

The transportation manager you hired last year — in large part because of his success at reducing transportation costs at previous employers — was able to reduce your transportation spend by 17 percent this year, way above the 10 percent target you had set. You highlight this accomplishment in his performance review, and you further recognize his success by giving him an end-of-year bonus. But does he deserve it? If you go strictly by WHAT […]

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Social Media and Hiring Supply Chain Talent

Erik Qualman, author of “socialnomics,” was a keynote speaker at RedPrairie’s Redshift 2011 conference in May. He gave the most interesting conference speech I have seen in years. The following week Don Tapscott, author of “Macrowikinomics,” gave another great keynote speech at Manhattan Associates’ Momentum 2011 conference. In both cases, the speakers grossly overstated the impact of social media on business and the world. Nevertheless, I could not help thinking there will be big impacts […]

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