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A Senior Leader’s Take on TMS Implementations

One of the major trends driving TMS implementations is the technology’s proven ROI. Primarily, a TMS can save companies money by lowering their freight spend. An ARC survey on the ROI of TMS found that respondents indicated freight savings of approximately 8 percent with the use of a TMS application, a 2 percent improvement from the last time ARC surveyed TMS users. Of these savings, 60 percent of users indicated that less than 10 percent […]

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TMS Implementation Drives Long-Term ROI

Selecting a transportation management system (TMS) is no easy feat. In other articles, my colleagues have discussed key considerations when choosing a TMS, such as why RFPs aren’t generally helpful and the difference between deployment options. After the work of selecting a TMS comes the no less rigorous step: implementation. During a TMS implementation, there are some phases during which an organization can set itself up for an improved ROI down the road. Initial steps […]

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