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Collaborate? Sure, Except I Don’t Trust You

According to an AP-GfK poll conducted last month, only one-third of Americans say most people can be trusted. That’s down from half who felt that way in 1972, when the General Social Survey first asked the question. Almost two-thirds of the poll respondents said “you can’t be too careful” in dealing with people. Is that what you’re thinking when you’re sitting across from a supplier, customer, or other trading partner? Are they thinking the same […]

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Amazon Inside P&G Warehouses: A Case of “What’s In It for We”

An article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal revealed that Amazon has set up operations inside at least seven P&G warehouses worldwide where “each day, P&G loads products [such as paper towels and diapers] onto pallets and passes them over to Amazon inside a small, fenced-off area. Amazon employees then package, label, and ship the items directly to the people who ordered them [online].” Amazon’s partnership with P&G started three years ago, and the company is […]

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This Week in Logistics News (January 14-18, 2013)

Countless: the number of double spaces after periods I’ve had to delete as an editor over the years. Last weekend, Slate republished a much discussed article from two years ago titled, “Space Invaders: Why You Should Never, Ever Use Two Spaces After a Period.” If you are guilty of this writing crime, please read the article, and in the spirit of Lean and continuous improvement, stop adding that extra space. In this week’s news… SAP […]

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