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Walgreens, the Disabled, and the Aging Workforce

In the last annual survey done by WERC, the average warehouse’s turnover was between 9.4 and 15 percent. This is too high, and turnover is expensive.  How can companies perform better in this area? Could the composition of the workforce make a difference? In recent research conducted by the Pew Research Center, they comment that “the American work force is graying—and not just because the American population itself is graying. Older adults are staying in […]

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Benchmarking Storage and Warehousing in the Process Industry

I received a question a while back from a client, a supply chain director at a process manufacturer.  In the process manufacturing industry, storage often does not involve warehouses that store cases and pallets; it involves putting various types of liquids, at various temperatures and pressures, in storage tanks.  These tanks might store raw materials at the front end of the manufacturing process, they might store products that are 95 percent complete but just need […]

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