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The “Soft” Side of Automation Holds the Key to ROI

Material handling equipment (MHE) has been around a long time. But, it’s never been more popular. Companies look to automation now (more than ever) to improve throughput while bridging the labor gaps affecting so many warehouses and industries. Fixed automation such as conveyors, sortation, and storage systems are proven solutions within their respective wheelhouses. Warehouse robotics hold great promise for more complex and variable operational needs. These technologies continue to grow in popularity, broaden their […]

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Guest Commentary: How Companies Can Leverage Technology to Manage Transportation Scheduling

Scheduling and managing freight has never been more complex or costly than it is today. A shortage of drivers, high fuel costs and limited reinvestment in equipment have significantly reduced carrier and capacity options. When combined with customer demands for quicker response, smaller deliveries and shorter allocation windows, the situation becomes even more difficult to manage. Many companies are still managing these complexities using manual processes and spreadsheets. Even companies with programs and SOPs find […]

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Guest Commentary: Bridging the Global Logistics Gap with Transportation Technology

Global shippers today face the challenge of orchestrating end-to-end logistics processes while managing the interplay with other third parties, such as customers, suppliers, ocean carriers, freight forwarders, customs brokers and government agencies. Doing so effectively is difficult, regardless of whether the shipper is importing or exporting freight. Part of the challenge is dealing with international laws, global regulations and multiple languages, currencies, and units of measure; supply chain security and compliance programs, such as the […]

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