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Guest Commentary: Have You Black-Friday-Proofed Your Supply Chain?

It’s a rite of passage for the most serious of shoppers. Black Friday. It conjures up images of long lines of intrepid bargain-hunters camped out overnight. Stampedes when the doors open. And frenzied crowds ready to drop-kick their way to door-busting prices on the year’s hottest products. Aside from the sheer entertainment (or blood sport) value, Black Friday marks more than the start of the holiday season when retailers make most of their annual profits. […]

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Guest Commentary: 5 Ways to Increase Employee Participation in Continuous Improvement Programs

Getting buy in from employees can be difficult when implementing continuous improvement programs. Employees are often hesitant to change because of the uncertainty on how it might affect them. Getting employees to support the new direction can take time and effort. So what is the best way to increase employee participation in continuous improvement programs? Here are a few suggestions on getting that crucial buy-in from employees: 1. Get Management Truly Involved – The workforce […]

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