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Guest Commentary: Embedded Analytics Makes Routine Decision-Making Automatic

Most Transportation Management Systems (TMS) give you Business Intelligence (BI) in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on your trading partners and your own operation. But the imperative falls on you to determine the value of good performance and implement a resulting decision or reward structure. Instead, why not embed the BI that you already collect into the operational processes of your TMS and employ it directly as decisions are required? The Traditional BI […]

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Guest Commentary: TMS Adaptability: A Critical Factor in Delivering Long-Term Value

Companies searching for a transportation management system (TMS) often focus on the wrong objectives. Since most companies do not have an existing TMS, they tend to look at short-term automation goals and neglect the long-term ability of the software to adapt to their fast-changing operations. And for companies that already have a TMS and are looking to replace it, they have come to realize that software products by themselves rarely drive innovation in their organizations. […]

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