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A Perfect Marriage: Demand Modeling and Supply Chain Design

Demand modeling has emerged as a key decisioning tool in supply chain design. Standard forecasting tools can fall short if they can’t take into consideration external causal factors that drive demand like weather and economic and political indicators, or help predict demand 5-10 years out when making long-term strategic decisions.

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How Accurate are Your Demand Predictions? Five Reasons to Consider Demand Modeling

How confident are you in your ability to predict future customer demand? How do external factors such as economics and weather influence that demand next month or next year?? If you’re uncertain how to account for changing demand, how can you confidently design your supply chain to support your customers in the future? Without demand modeling tools you could be leaving significant opportunity on the table, or risking inventory and capacity disasters. In today’s increasingly […]

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Using Inventory Modeling to Develop a Holistic Inventory Strategy

Top supply chain officers across the industry were recently surveyed¹ on their biggest barriers to effective inventory management. Their top two responses were “Can’t Optimize Network Holistically” and “Demand Volatility”. It’s no wonder: often inventory placement decisions are made in a vacuum without considering the end-to-end supply chain impact. In addition, product demand has become more volatile and hard to predict over time. How do you predict how much inventory to build when you can’t […]

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