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The Internet of Things is Nothing New

I’ve made the argument before that the Internet of Things is nothing new. In the logistics space, for example, we’ve been taking RF scans and using that data to improve warehouse processes since at least 1975 when McHugh Freeman, an early warehouse management system supplier, began business. Internet protocols make it easier to communicate that sensor data to applications. This is a big advance, but I don’t think we are seeing fundamentally new types of applications; just […]

The Internet of Things, Next Generation Supply Chains, and Distributed Intelligence

IoT projects often become Big Data projects. Distributing more intelligence down to the device level could help prevent database bloat and streamline the corporate application environment. But these decisions are not clear cut. There are pros and cons associated with either distributing or centralizing both IoT intelligence and data.

Modern Warehousing Capabilities Mirror the Goals of Industrial Internet of Things

The warehouse is on the trajectory to implement many of the capabilities sought in the vision of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). eCommerce is has been a driver in this sector as companies such as Amazon, Walgreens, and LL Bean are seeking out solutions that are robust, high speed, and have little labor content.

The Internet of Things Changes Logistics in the OEM Spare Parts Supply Chain

By offering IoT-enabled condition monitoring, spare parts, and equipment repair services, equipment OEMs can remotely monitor asset health in their customers’ plants, anticipate failures, order the parts, and often execute repairs before the failure occurs.

Using IT as a Competitive Weapon: Dow Chemical, PepsiCo, and the Internet of Things

Companies interested in exploring whether the Internet of Things (IoT) is a worthwhile investment have three different paths they can go down. The Internet of Things connects intelligent physical entities – such as sensors, devices, machines, assets, and products – to each other, to Internet services, and to applications.  IoT represents a stack of technologies that can be shaped into solutions.  At ARC, we refer to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) because we are […]

The profound impact of the Internet of Things on supply chains

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the catalyst in creating more responsive supply chains by providing real-time, autonomous insight into your operational execution. DHL and Cisco recently published a report (linked here) that indicated the Internet of Things will deliver a $1.9 Trillion boost to Supply Chain & Logistics Operations. The report estimates that there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020 compared to 15 billion today. The areas benefiting the […]

A Beer Distributor Leverages the Industrial Internet of Things to Improve Customer Service and Operations

Six years ago, Del Papa Distributing, a third generation family-owned beer distribution company that delivers more than 10 million cases of beer annually, decided that Galveston, Texas was not the ideal location for their operations.  Galveston seems to be unusually prone to hurricane damage.  The 1900 Galveston hurricane was famous for the devastation it wrought.  But in 2009, Hurricane Ike flooded more than 17,000 homes and businesses and also left one to three feet of […]

New Analytics Approaches for the Industrial Internet of Things

I attended my first ARC forum a few weeks ago.  Having been immersed in presentations and panels for three days though, there was something almost Schrödinger’s cat-like in the air about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  The two apparently contradictory states are: IIoT is real!!! Oh. I thought there was more to IIoT than that…? So I definitely get the sense that people are less skeptical than last year about the Industrial Internet of […]

Why the ‘Internet of Things’ is disrupting the ‘Internet of Fingers’

I have often been struck by the stark contrast in sophistication, automation and control inside the walls of our customer’s facilities, compared to the outside. Inside the walls, lean and six-sigma thinking prevails, while outside, beyond the dock, yard checks are commonly performed by scribbling notes on yesterday’s printout. I am always on the lookout for finding new ways to optimize the movement of goods between the dock doors of facilities. Aerial drone based inventory […]

The Internet of Things will Change the Face of Supply Chain Management, but it will require a Revolution in Analytics First

The Internet of Things (IoT) will make our operations more efficient by combining smart sensors, cameras, software, databases/business intelligence, and the Internet (primarily in the form of private clouds) together in diverse ways. IoT is already evident in several places across the supply chain, but pundits are predicting that it will become so deeply part of our environment that it will become like electricity, something we are all but unaware of because we take it […]