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Guest Commentary: Use Lean Labor Management to Reduce Costs and Boost Performance

While the concept of Lean originates in the manufacturing space, it applies across an array of industries. One example is the Retail Industry, which uses Lean concepts to reduce waste and increase quality in the supply chain. Companies are also increasingly using Lean concepts as a foundation for labor management to increase productivity and reduce costs in a warehouse. Most recently, we’ve been applying five guiding principles to create a lean warehouse (which we describe […]

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Guest Commentary: Three Common Distribution Mistakes Most Retailers Make

No matter their size, reach or scope, most retailers make three common mistakes when it comes to their supply chains. Faced with intense competition, squeezed profits and pressure to cut costs, savvy retailers are looking for new ways to reduce costs. One of the most promising areas for improving efficiency is in product distribution. Consider the top three distribution mistakes retailers make – and the shortest route to a smarter solution. Mistake 1: Using last […]

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