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Corona Damages Mechanical Engineering Supply Chains

The mechanical engineering industry is feeling the consequences of the corona pandemic with increasing force.  A very recent survey by VDMA, the German association for the mechanical engineering industry, was answered by 965 member companies and clearly shows this.  The share of companies whose operations are affected rose from 60 to 84 percent within two weeks.  Almost every second company affected (45 percent) suffers from “serious” or “noticeable” disruptions along the supply chain.  Only 5 […]

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RFID Enables Industrie 4.0

Walmart that was pursuing RFID as an evolutionary step to manage inventory throughout the entire supply chain. However, the interest subsided until the 2010’s, when RFID technology was reignited by the fervor of Industrie 4.0 and the rise of IIoT in manufacturing. 

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