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Guest Commentary: Challenges with Global Logistics Workflows

Global supply chain networks have become more complex over the past several years, increasing the hunger for end-to-end visibility and supporting data at both the order detail and shipment level. The force behind this has been the desire to calculate precise inventory arrival dates and times to coincide with special promotions, replenish store inventory, and keep DC safety stock to a minimum, while ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and profit margins. In an effort to become […]

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Guest Commentary: Improved Logistics is in Your Pocket

With today’s smartphones, you can sharpen your game by juggling a multitude of tasks each day without letting anything slip through the cracks. How could you handle hundreds of emails, phone calls, text messages and meeting schedules each day without it? Improved mobile coverage and Wi-Fi connectivity make sure that you are connected at all times to all of this necessary information. When you travel on business, various apps — weather, maps, music, clock, camera, […]

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Guest Commentary: Why Do Only 1/3 of Companies in North America Have a TMS?

Independent research groups report that a transportation management system (TMS) can save a company anywhere from 3-20% of transportation spend as compared to manual management. It is easy to see why many companies that currently do not have a TMS are now searching for one for their business. But why have so many companies waited so long? I believe there are eight reasons why many companies delay their decision to integrate a TMS into their […]

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