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Guest Commentary: Real-World Business Cases For Real-Time Visibility Across the Oil and Gas Supply Chain

As I highlighted in a previous posting, without accurate and timely information about the location and integrity of needed parts, equipment, tools and supplies, Oil and Gas owner/operators and their partners  face a number of major risks, including environmental and safety risks, operational  risks as well as economic and compliance risks. Today, I want to turn the spotlight on some industry-leading projects that are leveraging innovative and practical solutions to address these challenges and risks. […]

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Guest Commentary: Reducing Risk with Automated Asset Visibility in the Oil and Gas Supply Chain

Global oil and gas supply chains – upstream, midstream and downstream – are large, complex, and asset-intensive and require a number of interdependent logistics partnerships. Except for perhaps the military in times of conflict, few if any other sectors must rely so heavily on their supply chains to ensure that operations are flowing smoothly. Increasingly, those involved in the oil and gas supply chain realize the importance of having real-time visibility of critical supplies – […]

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