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Google – Your Next Generation Warehouse Control System Provider?

My search for warehouse automation patents uncovered an unlikely assignee, Google. It turns out that Google was awarded a patent in May 2019 for “Dynamically Maintaining a Map of a Fleet of Robotic Devices in an Environment to Facilitate Robotics Action.” The contents of the patent were geared toward use in the warehouse and features the ability to predict future locations of members of a robotics fleet to optimize collaborative tasks.

How Does a Digital Transformation Apply to Supply Chain Planning?

What is Digital Transformation? A digital transformation requires that companies transform their decision-making processes with technology to enhance customer experience and employee productivity and ultimately improve business performance.  Technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, and virtual reality can aid in this transformation. Digital transformation implies shifting the way organizations interact with their customers and the way they make business decisions. In the Supply Chain Planning context, these include decisions about which […]

Prepare Your Supply Chain to Overcome Capacity Challenges

Increased demand and customer expectations continue to put pressure on shippers to deliver on-time-and-in-full without comprising their bottom line. This was especially difficult in 2018 as capacity constraints caused freight rates to skyrocket. While conditions have certainly improved over the last year, no one knows when the market will shift again. And with the number of factors that could affect capacity in the short-term and long-term, including legislation, the driver shortage, supplier requirements from large […]

Digital Innovation in the Modern Warehouse

Digital Innovation in the Modern Warehouse was the topic at this session of the 3PL and Supply Chain Summit. Executives from HighJump, SSI Schaefer, and Pepperl+Fuchs provided valuable insights on sensor types and their applications, the synthesis of this data into meaningful, actionable information, and the use of digital technology to drive productivity improvements.

This Week in Logistics News (May 25 – 31)

I was on the young side to fully understand how devastating the 1986 World Series loss to the Mets was for Red Sox fans, but I certainly couldn’t escape it growing up. And unfortunately, for one of baseball’s better players over the last 40 years, he couldn’t escape it either. Obviously, I am talking about Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner. He has forever been remembered as the guy who let the ball go through […]

More than Software Provider, Think Partner

Supply chain execution is complex, and the pace of change is rapid. Which is a big reason why companies continue to turn to software as a service (SaaS) solutions to help digitize and integrate their supply chains. In today’s environment where future-proof SCE technology leads the way, it’s also important to look beyond feature-function checklists and consider the long-term value of the partnership. Technology…and so much more Finding a software vendor that understands your business […]

Do You Want Better Beef? Build a Better Supply Chain!

PFG wanted to provide better selections of beef to selective restaurants. But the commodity beef supply chain made this very difficult. They built a new supply chain that included audits, DNA testing, and better pay for better quality products.

MercuryGate Velocity: Innovate Today, Own Tomorrow

I spent the last three days in Las Vegas attending the MercuryGate Velocity user conference. This was my third time attending a MercuryGate conference and with over 450 attendees, this was the largest one yet. The theme of the conference this year was Innovate Today, Own Tomorrow. This was an extremely fitting theme for both the company and the changing nature of transportation today. MercuryGate CEO Joe Juliano kicked off the conference by talking about […]

Be Careful of the Term “Fail Fast” in Digital Transformations

The phrase “fail fast” is increasingly finding its way into conversations about digital transformations.  The implication seems to be that fail-fast is a necessary component of a digital work culture. From an IT perspective, it makes sense. However, it really doesn’t align with how supply chain and plant operations need to evolve.

The Warehouse Management System of Today… and Tomorrow

WMS product development roadmaps vary by provider, but there is substantial overlap among the development initiatives of leading WMS providers. Key topics include machine learning, optimization, automation integration, and interoperability. This article captures the “essence of the essence” of the development plans of the leadings WMS suppliers today.