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Achieving Energy Savings through a Digital Transformation: The Vopak Case Study

Vopak, a leading operator of tank terminals, is undergoing a digital transformation. One of their projects occurred at their Savannah terminal. New sensors, machine learning, and optimization drove significant energy savings.

Ecommerce Retailer Reaps Big Rewards Following a Supply Chain Planning Implementation

I talked to a large ecommerce retailer. They got great benefits from implementing a supply chain planning solution. But their plans to leverage AI are what is truly fascinating.

The Forces Driving the Need for Employee Engagement in the Warehouse

ARC Advisory Group recently did a survey that yielded some interesting findings of the current labor situation in warehouses and distribution centers. For instance, 50% of all warehouse job openings have five or fewer applicants, which is up from 32% five years ago. Of that smaller pool of applicants, half have no prior experience. At the same time, the survey found that turnover is higher than ever before. Also, a healthy overall economy, and a […]

NRF Big Show 2019: Artificial Intelligence and Omni-Channel Returns

Another year, another NRF Big Show in the books. This year marked my eleventh visit to New York City for retail’s biggest show. This appeared to be the biggest conference from any that I have attended, with some estimates suggesting 36,000 people were there. As in the past, the usual themes emerged: omni-channel, mobility, big data, etc. This year, there was a lot of buzz around retail transformation, and going beyond omni-channel to ensure an […]

20 Things to Know About Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chain Management

Artificial intelligence is a hot technology. But is is a complex subject. This article seeks to explain the concepts, and simplify them, by focusing on how these technologies are used in supply chain management.

Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2019

ARC Advisory Group 2019 supply chain trends of the year include: Global Trade and Tariffs; Logistics Labor Shortages and Automation; The “Digital Supply Chain” as the Logistics Technology Concept of the Year; expansion of Machine Learning and AI Enhancements. With taxes and duties accounting for a substantial portion of cost of goods sold, it is likely that companies will be reevaluating the impact on their global supply chains. Meanwhile, the “digital supply chain” is a conceptual umbrella term that will continue to be used to identify supply chain software, communications, and automation efforts that meet certain digital criteria.

The Top Supply Chain Stories of 2018

The top supply chain stories of 2018 included trade wars, increasing logistics labor costs, natural disasters impacting regional and global supply chains, and omni-channel innovation.

Transportation Management and the Promise of Machine Learning

Transportation Management solutions have a proven ROI. But the additon of Machine Learning opens up some exiciting possibilities. ARC is excited about the promise of machine learning to allow a TMS to better handle competing objectives and discover nonobvious impacts on performance.

Bridging the Gap Between Supply Chain Planning and Execution

New solutions have emerged that bridge the gap between supply chain planning and execution. These solutions have a middleware layer that is critical. The middleware allows for a feedback loop that can allow the system to get smarter.

Digital Twins Support Supply Chain Optimization

Digital twin is the phrase used to describe a computerized (or digital) version of a physical asset or process. The digital twin contains a sensor or sensors that collects data to feed the asset model. These concepts have implications for complex production scheduling.