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Change is Hard, but Coca-Cola Consolidated’s Real-time Visibility Solution Refreshes the Bottom Line

Coca-Cola Consolidated implemented FourKites’ real-time visibility solution. Change is hard, but real gains have been made in their supply chain operations. Brett Frankenberg, Senior Vice President of Product Supply Planning and Bottler Sales at Coca-Cola Consolidated described the journey at the FourKites user conference.

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When Real-time Visibility Isn’t

Real-time visibility is a hot topic. Everyone seems to want it. But even if you buy this solution, you do not get 100% visibility. And the visibility has gotten worse because of recent regulatory changes. But you don’t need total visibility to get good ROI.

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Devon Energy Uses Real-time Visibility to Improve Trucking Operations

Devon Energy generates huge volumes of data. The company’s real-time data system monitors 6.5 million data points from multiple sites, with more than 10,000 updates per second.  Devon Energy has worked to change real-time visibility into actionable insights for better truck scheduling.

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