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Applying Machine Learning to Supply Planning is Tough

Machine learning has been successfully applied to demand planning, but leading suppliers of supply chain planning are beginning to work on using machine learning to improve supply planning.  But architecturally and culturally, this is a much tougher problem than machine learning applied to demand planning.

The Arms Race to Leverage Machine Learning in Supply Chain Planning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is hot.  Over $4 billion in venture capital has been invested in AI firms just in the US. But supply chain planning software companies, with their cadre of operations research Ph.Ds who have been modeling complex problems for decades, may be better poised to solve many complex business problems than the hot new Silicon Valley firms.

Integrated Assortment Planning: A Vital Capability for Retailers

In today’s changing market dynamics, the retail business is getting more competitive by the day. Increasing competition by online marketplaces, along with evolving consumer expectations and shopping patterns are making the category management decisions more complex. As customers’ options increase, so do their expectations. Assortment planning decisions made by these teams need to be more dynamic and localized as manual analysis based on broad assumptions and averages do not suffice anymore. Here are the vital capabilities for surviving in the new world of retail.

Supporting Supply Chain Agility: Simple Concepts, Complex Technology

Supply chain control towers have come of age. The concepts that allow modern control towers to support agility are easy to describe. The technology that empowers these concepts are quite complex.

Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain

Digitalization is accelerating the pace of business and transforming global supply chains. In a freewheeling discussion at the ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, I spoke with Richard Howells, Vice President Marketing Digital Supply Chain at SAP about the trends, customer expectations, the challenges, and imperatives of digital transformation in the supply chain. Supply Chain: Trends and Challenges “Today’s supply chain is very volatile.  Whether we’re talking about Brexit or trade wars or viruses that are […]

Blue Yonder ICON: Supply Chains Can Save the World

As an analyst at ARC Advisory Group, this is normally my busy travel time of the year. Along with my colleagues Steve Banker and Clint Reiser, I am usually attending a number of industry and customer events across the country. However, this year things are very different; coronavirus is pushing these events to online virtual affairs. Yesterday, I attended Day 1 of Blue Yonder ICON and DEVCON, the company’s virtual user conference initially scheduled to […]

Growing Up to Become a Sustainable Supply Chain

Is your supply chain immature? Does it resemble a 14-year-old boy, as a planner I met at an Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning event described his company’s supply chain? Grown up beyond diapers but not yet making good decisions consistently. In an immature, disconnected supply chain, planners operate inefficiently and in reactive mode. Not only does this mode make the daily life of a planner difficult, but it does not position the company toward […]

Closing the Gap Between Planning and Execution

Closing the gap between planning and execution is a long-term concern of supply chain executives. It is not easy to do. New thinking is emerging to help in this area. Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE) is emerging as a new discipline in this area.

The Self-Healing Supply Chain

A “self-healing” supply chain needs to be based on a robust supply chain digital twin model that is updated with near real-time alerts.

A Supply Chain Planning Model is a Digital Twin: Is This Just Hype?

Isn’t any model not based on paper and pencil a digital twin? What value does it add to call a supply planning model a digital twin? I thought it was hype. Supply chain planning executives disagree.