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Advanced Demand Management and Process Optimization at a Water Distribution Network in Brazil

A water purification company in Brazil can have the demand for their water treatment and sewage services increase as much as four times on a sunny day on a weekend.  To more accurately forecast demand, they count the number of vehicles driving into the community.  Demand analysis also relies on a forecast of weather conditions and historical tourism data. They are also prototyping IoT, Big Data, machine learning, and predictive analytics for process optimization.

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Enhancements in SAP Production Planning and Scheduling and Future Integration with ERP

At the SAP Insider SCM CRM 2016 event in Vienna this month, Ulrich Mast presented the current status and the planned future for Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PPDS), including SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer PPDS (SAP APO PPDS) within the SAP Supply Chain Management suite (SCM) and S/4HANA . Smaller lot sizes, increasing variability and shorter product life cycles tend to make planning and scheduling more complex, resulting in increased order lead times, stock […]

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The Contribution of Supply Chain Networks To Smart Manufacturing and Industrial IoT

In my keynote, I stressed that Smart Manufacturing initiative around the world, are all inspired by research that indicates that manufacturing growth, competitiveness and resilience are directly correlated with high technology intensity and manufacturing complexity as well as quality.  These three key factors can be improved and maintained by investment in product, process and productivity innovation.  The smart manufacturing initiatives around the world (for example Industrie 4.0  Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (US), or Horizon 2020 (EU)) all aim […]

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