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This past Tuesday, April 15, marked the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings. It was a moment that brought shock, terror, sadness, anger, strength, and pride to the city of Boston. The local and national media have done a terrific job of capturing the raw emotion of the events, and the healing process of the last year. I don’t… Continue reading

Yesterday morning, I stood at my kitchen window and watched leaves fall from the trees. They floated down, one after another, to the dead grass below, where other leaves had fallen, yesterday and the day before. What made them drop today? I looked for patterns in their flight, but saw none. Each leaf acted alone, unaware of time and place, like me in the quiet house, watching leaves fall… Continue reading

“Half the countries in the world have an even number of chickens.” I wrote those words on a sticky note back in college, which I found in a memory box recently. I have no idea what it means, or what I was thinking at the time, but if I went through the trouble of saving the note, it must be important, right?

In more relevant news…

    This was a relatively quiet week for news, and I suspect many of you are taking off early today to enjoy the long holiday weekend, which unofficially marks the end of summer. So, without delay, here is the news that caught my attention this week:

    I gotta get packing, so let’s go straight to the news…