Evolving the Supply Chain for Anywhere-to-Everywhere Shipping

mgravesThe supply chain as we used to know it is changing – and these changes are impacting not only retailers, but a variety of businesses and industries.  An increasing number of businesses that never had to worry much about shipping are finding themselves competing with experienced and emerging retailers. Just look at how major pharmacies and healthcare providers are rolling out ship-to-home medical supply services.

Traditionally, manufacturers only had to worry about shipping products to a distributor, who’d pass it on to the retailer for final delivery. However, the shrinking delivery cycle means many manufacturers and distributors are pressured to ship direct to consumers, which requires new routes-to-market and improvements to their fulfillment processes.  All of this supply chain evolution ultimately means that shipping today is an Anywhere-to-Everywhere experience. Just about any company can be a domestic or international shipper, and they could be required to find a fast and convenient way to deliver goods to any global destination. But, do businesses have the infrastructure and shipping know-how to set up modern supply chains, navigate logistics and manage the complexities of international customs and pricing?

Companies are looking to suppliers to help them leap-frog domestic and international shipping expertise, and suppliers are responding with cloud-based shipping technologies – like multi-carrier shipping platforms that provide today’s businesses with what they need to meet the delivery needs of modern consumers.  Learn more

Mike Graves is a senior executive with over 25 years management experience.  Currently with Pitney Bowes he has helped numerous organizations improve their supply chain management.



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