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Palletization Software Can Help LTL Shippers Avoid Potential $6b in Space-based Rating Adjustments

Taking their lead from UPS, FedEx, and other parcel carriers, LTL freight carriers are starting to supplement traditional NMFC class-based rating and are applying space-based (also referred to as “dimensional” or “dim weight”) rating to freight in an effort to maximize the cubic utilization of vehicles. This change has many shippers guessing about what to quote for shipping costs because they don’t know what the weight and dimensions of a shipment will be until they […]

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Top 10 Things to Consider When Evaluating Enterprise Shipping Technology

The hyper-competitive world of eCommerce has come down to this:  it’s my supply chain against your supply chain.   If I can ship better, cheaper, and faster than you, I win.   For that to happen, I need to provide my customers with more choices and better visibility when they need it.  And, of course, easy and free returns.   In the meantime, Amazon continues to raise the bar. For eCommerce businesses (who isn’t one these days?) to […]

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New Cartonization Technology Reduces Shipping Costs

Shippers surprised by unexpected dimensional weight fees The growth of eCommerce has put a premium on parcel carrier capacity.  In response, UPS and FedEx have continued to lower the bar for when they will apply dimensional weight rating to cartons, which means more shippers will pay more for cartons that are light relative to their size.   In response, shippers are looking for new ways to more efficiently and cost-effectively manage carton packing to either avoid […]

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