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Voice Technology – The Bridge Between Today and Tomorrow’s Logistics Systems

When you think about future and modern technologies, or digitization in supply chain, what comes to mind? Robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), drones, self-driving trucks, and exoskeletons all carry a “futurey” feel—even if many of them are quickly becoming common. But, instead of these incredible new technologies, it might be a technology with over 30 years of history creating the bridge to the future of warehouse operations. Voice technology is commonly associated with picking. As hands-free, […]

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Guest Commentary: Five Supply Chain Resolutions for the New Year

New Year’s resolutions are easier to make when you know they will save you time and money. To that end, here are five areas of your supply chain you should take a fresh look at in 2013: Warehouse Management System: Is it time for an upgrade or replacement? Consider whether your current system is strengthening or hindering your ability to execute business strategies. Your WMS should free up your IT department to focus on customer-facing […]

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