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Drones – The Birth of a New Transportation Mode

When it comes to moving goods from one place to another, you have various transportation options: you can transport products by airplane, train, truck, or ship. You can also transport them by bicycle, horse, or donkey, or you can walk them over yourself. New technological advancements in each of these modes will continue to make them faster, cheaper, and smarter in the years ahead (except, maybe, for the horse and donkey). Just look at the […]

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This Week in Logistics News (December 3-7, 2012)

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how sitting for too long isn’t healthy, and how many business professionals are now using stand up desks at work. So I decided to work standing up this week, and because stand up desks are expensive, I employed my Cuban ingenuity and built my own using an ironing board and five of my Encyclopedia Britannica books. I am happy to report that my lower back feels much better. […]

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