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Guest Commentary: Optimizing Inventory in an Omni-channel World

The retail world is abuzz with stories of omni-channel transformations. The promise of ‘sell anywhere, fulfill anywhere’ capabilities are driving retailers to adopt innovative approaches to increasing customer loyalty. The concept of ‘save the sale’ is a common component of these approaches — with retailers seeking to allay lost sales from out-of-stocks with solutions that range from simply providing store associates ecommerce access, to intelligent distributed order management algorithms that seek out the optimal source […]

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Guest Commentary: Mining More Profits From Your Inventory

Every business wants the highest yield or gross margin return on investment possible for its inventory dollar. Whether you’re in retail or wholesale, inventory is often the single largest, continuous investment you make and the ultimate goal is to make that investment work for you. But what is the right approach? For example, you ship to your stores two times per week—is that the best schedule? Or you need six units on hand to make […]

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Guest Commentary: Increasing Profits by Lowering the Cost of Goods Sold

Through June of this year, the inflation rate in the US has been trending sharply upward. If the trend continues we could be on track to experience the highest rate of inflation so far this century. This is not news to consumers who are faced with inflation daily as they go to the gas station or shop for groceries. They know full well that non-discretionary items like gasoline, dairy and grain-related products have steadily gotten […]

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