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Do 3PLs Have an Image Problem with Young Professionals?

Last week on Talking Logistics, I had a great conversation with Professor Robert Lieb from Northeastern University about the challenges 3PLs face attracting and retaining talent. Of course, the “talent shortage” problem is not only an issue for 3PLs, but also for manufacturers, retailers, and others. But is the challenge the same for everyone, or do 3PLs face unique challenges in terms of attracting and retaining talent? For example, we all know that, generally speaking, […]

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Guest Commentary: Millennials and the Supply Chain

Do a quick Google search. Just type ‘Millennials’. You should get a screen like this: Outside the two definition-type searches, two broad ends of the spectrum are represented: being lazy and the workplace (assumed to be the antithesis of lazy). The world is still trying to figure out how to classify, identify, and ultimately work with the Millennial Generation. With 80 million Millennials vs. 79 million Boomers in the U.S., the corporate world needs to […]

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