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Robots with Swarm Intelligence

Robots with swarm intelligence. Austrian headquartered Agilox designs and manufactures mobile logistics robots that use “swarm intelligence” to intelligently navigate through warehouses and factories, delivering pallets and totes where they are needed. This article discusses this technology.

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Will Delivery Bots Revolutionize Last Mile Deliveries?

Starship Technologies has designed delivery bots that make last mile deliveries. They are not the only company operating in this space, but they are the only company, that has moved beyond the pilot stage to actual commercial operations. To revolutionize last mile deliveries, continuing funding will be needed.

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What was Hot in Supply Chain Technology in 2017?

What was hot in supply chain technology? A look at 3D Printing, robots, autonomous trucks, the use of Social-News-Event-Media data for risk management, and the Uberization of Freight with ARC’s assessment of the maturity of these technologies.

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