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Guest Commentary: The Tougher Challenge for a TMS is Execution

As a follow-up to my previous commentary, which focused on setting the playing field for transportation routing algorithms and the fact that these are not really “optimizations” but heuristic algorithms, as well as the fact that modeling the constraints is at least as important as getting a lower cost, I want to now shift the focus to the tougher challenge for a transportation management system (TMS) – execution of the recommendations. The tougher challenge that […]

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Guest Commentary: Next Generation of Visualization and User Interaction

I was recently invited to participate in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Transportation & Logistics’ roundtable focused on the trade-off between planning and execution. The event spanned two days and presented an agenda of discussion topics across the multiple time horizons of planning (strategic, tactical and operational) as well as views on process and technology. The audience was comprised of an excellent collection of experts, including practitioners from a variety of industries, […]

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Guest Commentary: Effective Interoperability between Transportation Planning and Execution

The Time Gap Within the realm of supply chain there has always been an inherent separation between the notion of planning and that of execution. Historically, this separation was easily attributed to the time required to plan, as well as the gap in time between planning and when orders begin to be placed. In some aspects of supply chain planning, this time gap can be measured in months. As supply chain planning technology improves, the […]

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