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Coronavirus is Disrupting Indian Industry

While the impact of coronavirus on Indian industry has so far been moderate, India’s extremely high import dependence on China means there are significant ramifications for Indian industry. Of the top 20 products that India imports from around the world, the average Chinese share is close to 30 percent. Sectors in India that have been are impacted by the coronavirus in China include shipping, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, electronics, textiles, and solar power. (All information sourced from […]

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Coronavirus and the Automotive and Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

Earlier this week, the death toll from the Wuhan coronavirus rose to over 1,000 people, invoking memories of the 2003 SARS outbreak. While the human aspect of this outbreak is clearly the biggest story, the virus is causing major disruptions in global supply chains as well. As my colleague Steve Banker pointed out yesterday, the global high-tech supply chain has been hit particularly hard. But other industries are feeling the impact as well.

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