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Architecture Does Matter for Supply Chain Applications

Earlier this spring, I attended a large software vendor’s user forum that focused on its supply chain solutions. I was particularly interested in hearing about the implementation of a warehouse management system (WMS) at a large grocery chain in Europe. Unfortunately, the speaker from the retail chain was from the IT department, and he spoke about master data, configuration switches, and integration with the enterprise system, all delivered in a monotone. As the speaker continued […]

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App Stores Come to the Supply Chain Execution (SCE) Market

HighJump Software, a leading Supply Chain Execution (SCE) software vendor and an ARC client, announced yesterday the launch of its “HighJump App Station,” where customers can browse supply chain workflows and add them to their warehouse management system (WMS) anytime, similar to the way iPhone users can download apps from Apple’s App Store. HighJump actually previewed the App Station at its user conference back in October, but with everything else going on at the show, […]

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Software as a Capital Expense

Earlier this year, some of my colleagues here at ARC wrote a Strategic Report titled “Capital Expenditure Survey 2009” (available to ARC clients only). The report got me thinking about the differences between how hardware and software are expensed, and how those differences affect a logistics executive’s annual budget.  I talked to executives at some of our logistics software vendor clients, including i2 Technologies, RedPrairie, Manhattan Associates, and Tecsys, to see how their customers approached […]

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