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The US Freight Brokerage Technology Landscape

Two top executives from Echo Global Logistic gave good presentations on what is hot in terms of technology for freight brokers. These presentations occurred at the Descartes Evolution conference last week.

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Transportation Execution and Visibility Systems: A Market Poised for Growth

I am currently finishing up my latest market study on global transportation execution and visibility systems solutions. Transportation Execution Solutions (TE) allow shippers to connect to multiple carriers and then tender, track, and pay in the system. Visibility solutions allow real-time asset tracking across the entire distribution network. This enables improved estimated arrival times of goods. Visibility solutions are playing a larger role in the market, as real-time tracking of assets becomes more important. Suppliers […]

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ERP + TMS: The Best of Both Worlds

Does your business need a Transportation Management System (TMS) or an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system? For supply chain managers, the answer to this question is increasingly becoming “all of the above.” Over the last 30 years, Enterprise Resourcing Planning (ERP) systems have evolved into large-scale systems that form the foundation for most modern businesses. The ERP is a nearly ubiquitous system used by thousands of organizations to manage business information, providing a high-level view […]

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