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Getting (Even) More from Your Transportation Management Solution

Getting benefits from a modern transportation management solution that has just gone live is just the first wave of value available. There’s a lot more that can be gained when companies recognize that transportation management solutions are more than execution systems. With the ability to model alternate scenarios, logistics organizations can more accurately model the benefits and challenges of proposed changes to transportation strategies and processes, and continue to enhance the business value they receive […]

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Good to the Last Mile

The term “last mile” originated outside our industry. In fact, it comes from the telecommunications industry and refers to the installation and delivery of communication services to the end client. In the realm of transportation, though, last-mile delivery means the item’s final destination in the supply chain (for ecommerce deliveries, that mostly means to the customer’s home or sometimes office). In the early days of ecommerce, customers simply expected to order parcel-size items online. But […]

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Supplier Relationship Management Functionality Comes to TMS

I was invited to the MercuryGate user conference this year. MercuryGate is a SaaS provider of transportation management systems (and a Logistics Viewpoints sponsor). What most struck me was an application the company calls Carma (Carrier Management). Carma has been out for a few years, but I had never done a deep dive on it. This, I believe, is differentiated functionality; I’m not aware of any other transportation management system (TMS) with similar functionality. TMS […]

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