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Singapore Locks in Last Mile Delivery

Singapore is looking to enable an efficient last mile network by developing a single interoperable platform to facilitate e-commerce.

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Top Young Tech Companies Poised to Transform Supply Chain Management

The young companies that are poised to transform the supply chain management profession fall into a relatively few categories. The most interesting start-ups we are seeing have business models based on the sharing economy, the Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, and robotics. The Sharing Economy: Five companies are very interesting: Flexe, Deliv, Doorman, Transfix, and Shyp. Flexe describes itself as a marketplace for warehouse space.  It is a cloud-based marketplace platform analogous to airbnb.  […]

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Seinfeld and Last Mile Logistics

One of the funniest episodes of Seinfeld was “The Pool Guy,” where Kramer’s phone number is very similar to Moviefone’s, the movie listing service, and he gets many calls from people wanting show times. In the end, Kramer decides to just play along and he makes himself sound like an automated messaging system. For those with a sadistic sense of humor, the laughs come from the irritation he causes the callers. I hate automated calling […]

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