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ProMat 2017 “Must-See” Technologies (at least for me)

The ProMat show will begin in less than two weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed the show two years ago and personally believe it is (still?) a more comprehensive trade show than its Atlanta-based twin, Modex. I have spent a good amount of time over the last week setting up interviews and otherwise planning my time for ProMat 2017. Those of you that have attended the show in the past will understand how easy it is to […]

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Top Young Tech Companies Poised to Transform Supply Chain Management

The young companies that are poised to transform the supply chain management profession fall into a relatively few categories. The most interesting start-ups we are seeing have business models based on the sharing economy, the Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, and robotics. The Sharing Economy: Five companies are very interesting: Flexe, Deliv, Doorman, Transfix, and Shyp. Flexe describes itself as a marketplace for warehouse space.  It is a cloud-based marketplace platform analogous to airbnb.  […]

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