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Blue Yonder WMS: Vision, Enhancements, and Adoption

Blue Yonder’s WMS track in its virtual user conference featured content on WMS enhancements, vision, and customer adoption. While architectural advancements were the engine of change, Frictionless SaaS, Luminate Warehouse Tasking, and Blue Yonder Robotics Hub were key initiatives within the WMS agenda.

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Blue Yonder ICON: Supply Chains Can Save the World

As an analyst at ARC Advisory Group, this is normally my busy travel time of the year. Along with my colleagues Steve Banker and Clint Reiser, I am usually attending a number of industry and customer events across the country. However, this year things are very different; coronavirus is pushing these events to online virtual affairs. Yesterday, I attended Day 1 of Blue Yonder ICON and DEVCON, the company’s virtual user conference initially scheduled to […]

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