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It’s A Small World After All: Leveraging Unified Commerce to Navigate It Effectively

Many of us (probably most of us) have visited the Disney attraction It’s a Small World. It represents the people and nations of the world working together and sharing a common hopeful outlook for the future.  If we could only get all of our systems to hold hands and play as nicely, our business world would be a better place. The digital customer journey is placing businesses in a performance pressure cooker, as customers are […]

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ERP vs. Best-of-Breed is History

Do you remember the old days when the hottest topic in supply chain software evaluations was whether it was smarter to go with the “good enough” applications from the major enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors or to go with the superior functionality of the best-of-breed vendors even though integration was a concern? IT argued that having a fully integrated approach and “one throat to choke” was more important than covering 100 percent of users’ needs. […]

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