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8 Things Keeping Supply Chain Professionals up at Night

As 2017 fast approaches, shippers are hard at work forecasting what the new year may bring. Unfortunately, with this planning comes a host of trends and challenges that leave supply chain professionals feeling uneasy. Pressure to reduce transportation costs, adapt to changing customer demands and a constantly changing, uncertain market are constantly on the minds of shippers, but here are a few trends and challenges that are keeping supply chain professionals up at night. The […]

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Improving on Strategic Sourcing

These days, sourcing has become a common discipline in supply chain and transportation management. There is an organizational expectation that transportation modes will be sourced and cost will be taken out of the network with some regularity. However, meeting these expectations while maintaining service year-over-year has become more challenging. To get more out of the market, we need to change the approach, as it is no longer enough to simply conduct a “bid” for transportation […]

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Does Your Company Have A Solid Transportation Procurement Strategy?

The logistics marketplace is dynamic and demands attention to truly optimize and enable strategic advantage.  Supply Chain professionals have a tremendous amount of demands and pressures to be aware of and transportation procurement is one of those pressures.  There is a need, a growing need to drive better performance and outcomes from sourcing events. Let’s consider some constraints.  What is preventing your organization from evaluating the current market for logistics services and challenging your existing […]

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