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Five Reasons for a Mobility Solution in Your Supply Chain

From distribution to doorstep, a mobile supply chain application provides visibility and many other advantages. We live in a mobile, connected world. Why should your supply chain be any different? A mobility solution can support business plans to optimize workflow capabilities, improve communications, cut unnecessary expense, maximize visibility, and provide a world-class customer experience. It provides organizations the freedom to employ tried-and-true workflows, along with the flexibility to apply unique processes to suit customers. The […]

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Mobile Technology Adoption – The Weakest Link in Your Delivery Strategy?

If there was a subject that I should not be writing about now, it’s this one. Mobile applications and technology have advanced considerably. However, too many implementations struggle to rollout successfully because they underestimate the challenges that exist in getting drivers to use it correctly and consistently. This is becoming a critical issue, as Customer Facing Supply Chains rely on accurate and timely data from the mobile devices in the field to enhance the customer […]

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Manhattan Momentum 2016 – Delivered

Today is the final day of Manhattan Associates’ 2016 annual user conference in Orlando, FL. The conference has about 1,200 attendees, including attendees from 41 Manhattan partners. From a corporate perspective, Manhattan had 500 new hires last year, bringing total staff to 3000 employees. As a WMS product manager said to me, that’s quite the expansion from the 50 person firm he joined back in the 1990s. This year’s conference theme is “Deliver a Fulfilling […]

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