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Warehouse Robotics Coming of Age

The CEO and Chief Innovation Officer of Vecna Robotics, Dan Patt and Daniel Theobold, came in to see us at the ARC Advisory Group. We were already very bullish on the autonomous mobile robotics (AMR) industry’s potential to improve warehousing and order fulfillment, but Vecna has some differentiators that make them a very interesting supplier. Warehouse robotics is coming of age. While Vecna has been around since 1998, Vecna’s warehouse robots have only been generally […]

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Robots, Robots, and More Robots

When Amazon bought a robotics company in 2012, interest in robots for the warehouse soared. Since then, there have been several entrants to the market. Recently, two new interesting solutions emerged.

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Robots and Drones in the Warehouse

… the day began with a panel on cutting edge technologies that could change the face of logistics. Panelists spoke at length about drones and robots in the warehouse.

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