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Red Robin, GE, and Baby Boomers: An Update on Social Networking for Business

I’m always on the lookout for companies that are using social networking technologies to enable business processes other than marketing and customer service. Yesterday, I came across a Financial Times article that mentioned two examples: Red Robin and GE. Here are the excerpts: Red Robin, the US fast-food chain, used to take 18 months to create a burger [emphasis mine], waiting for sales figures to come in from small trials, [Adam Pisoni, co-founder and chief […]

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GE Implements a Social Network Platform: 4 Lessons to Consider

Since most companies are still in the “early observer” stage when it comes to using social networking tools for business processes other than marketing and customer service, it’s great when an early adopter shares its experience publicly. Last week, MIT Sloan Management Review published an informative interview with Ron Utterbeck, the CIO for GE Corporate and the Advanced Manufacturing Software Technology Center in Michigan, about GE’s implementation of GE Colab, a social networking platform the […]

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The Reset Economy

“This economic crisis doesn’t represent a cycle.  It represents a reset,” according to Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric.  “It’s an emotional, social, economic reset,” which will lead to greater government involvement in the economy and business affairs. For Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, the problem with the economy is that it grew for 25 years on unrealistically cheap debt and that era is now over.  “I think that expansion was built on […]

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