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Determining the ROI of a Parcel TMS

Interest in adding a TMS for parcel continues to rise among shippers as the multifaceted ROI of a parcel TMS becomes better understood. While a TMS for parcel can help shippers better manage rapid increases in parcel volume, it can also help manufacturers and other new parcel shippers instantly adapt to provide excellent customer service in a profitable way. No longer just about saving dollars, more shippers have begun to realize they can provide improved […]

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The State of Parcel TMS Technology

There was a time when even the largest shippers employed clerks to look up rates on wall charts and handwrite ship-to addresses into logs. Then came manifest systems that printed reports and labels, and after that, multi-carrier shipping systems.  Those days are long gone, as eCommerce has caused an explosion in parcel volumes worldwide and an expansion of carrier services to meet the delivery demands of consumers.  Parcel shipping technology has evolved in lockstep with […]

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