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ProMat 2019 – Large Investments on Display

The ProMat show hall had an elephant in the room – Toyota Industries and its companies were front and center, as a display of its recent strategic acquisitions into the warehouse automation world. Piece picking robots, shuttle system enhancements, collaborative robots, and the software that makes these systems “intelligent” were the highlights of my attendance at ProMat 2019. The following exhibits were the most infomative to me.

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ProMat 2017- A Balance of Practical and Technical Innovations

Last week’s ProMat trade show in Chicago exhibited many more interesting warehouse technologies than I could possibly view in one day. Thankfully, I was able to touch upon most, but not all, of my “must see technologies.” My high-level take away is that the show exhibited everything from the next high-profile, technical innovations to those that deliver less of a “gee wiz” emotional response, but also are likely to deliver a quicker payback to those companies […]

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ProMat 2017 “Must-See” Technologies (at least for me)

The ProMat show will begin in less than two weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed the show two years ago and personally believe it is (still?) a more comprehensive trade show than its Atlanta-based twin, Modex. I have spent a good amount of time over the last week setting up interviews and otherwise planning my time for ProMat 2017. Those of you that have attended the show in the past will understand how easy it is to […]

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